Lets talk and walk together rather than kill and destroy eachother

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In the name of God

The Value of humanity is in passion for the right of others and one itself. Please accept my condolences for the crime against Humanity in Paris. The life is gift of God and no believer has this right to take or to give it. The measurement is law and conscious and there are no free human’s conscious and law can tolerate people to get killed for their belief and exercising their own right “freedom of Speech”. This action is not a religious one and roots in the action of who would like to divide us. Please be wise and take not a subjective side. As much as the blood of innocent Muslims are respected the blood of innocent non Muslims are respected. Therefore killing in the name of God has no place in God’s teachings and name. Our civilisation’s survival depends on our tolerance and understanding otherwise there would be an unbelievable destruction and humanity extinction.

When the words finish the bullets spray. I would like to suggest for anybody who would like to defend innocent people and bloods to use their logic and words not their guns. If believe you have any reason to fight and die why you do not use your words and actions and why not setting an example for others as a righteous and peacekeepers rather than destruction. You need much more courage to build and keep peace rather than destroying yours and others life. In this era the effect of word is much more than any army. Let’s talk and walk together rather than fight and kill eachother.

Hootan Dehbonei

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