Together We Can Make It

In the name of God

Someone told me bad and sad things happen but never loose hope keep up your faith and then the world changes into a better place. It doesn’t matter what’re your religion colour and social status, all of us are humans and belongs to human family. Please don’t loose your faith in humanity. Humanity must go on and will go on. Our voice can’t be silent by the bullet spray and our hope never die for we’re alive and can change darkness to light and hatred to love… and together we can make it. My condolences to French nation at first and then to rest of humanity. Please stop the nonsense and violence everywhere. These bloodsheds in Europe and Middle East aren’t for God and humanity but to separate us and back our civilisation to the dark ages. Although it’s impossible to do that for what makes darkness is lacking in knowledge and desire for better future and humanity.
May God bless humanity with love harmony and peace.

Hootan Dehbonei

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