To be with your own boundaries

One of my dear friend asked me to join my nation for condemning systematic corruption. As I have already stated my life is Not worthier than my people’s life. Any blood has a colouring which can never erase. Therefore I cannot accept any anarchism and destructive behaviour. I don’t belong to it and strongly condemn it because it creates a vicious cycle of destruction and bleeding. Many times some tempted me to join destructive forces although in my entire life I tried to keep peace and harmony hence hereby I clarify I have strongly followed just demand of Iranian to have a better management and anti corruption movement although peacefully and not with all cost (destruction and bleeding).

Shall I remind you that all of us our brothers and sisters and it is true that we are different but we have a lot in common? The greatest is our mother land Iran. We may think and act differently but let’s this common ground keep us together and don’t heart our own roots and thrive together. The revolutionary Guard and all law enforcement personelles are sons and daughters of this great nation. As much that security forces in Pahlavi’s regime were. We saw how hatred blind us and we saw the result of destruction and bleeding. The vicious cycle that we should break and overcome it is this hate and destructive cycle of bleeding not our own brothers and sisters.

May god bless Iran and the world with peace love and harmony.

Hootan Dehbonei

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