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با احترام به جامعه استرالیا که جامعه کوچک مهاجر ایرانی را به عنوان میزبان پذیرفت.

May 27, 2020

با احترام و درود،

هوتن دهبنهء

Happy Australian Day

January 24, 2011

Australia as a migrant country host many nations. People who live, work and celebrate together. They share a wonderful destiny and challenge each opportunity. As we see in Australian flood case life has a lot of up and down and it is not important how many blessings we have it is significant how we use them. In this day we remember all of victims of this natural disaster and share our happiness and blessing with them. This day is a unique opportunity to appreciate work of pioneers and all individual who contribute to make Australia a  wonderland. Lets appreciate our community and family. Enjoy.