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Yes I did it my way

January 28, 2020

God bless three tenors. Some voices remain with you and make you feel better. This exceptional blessing is what they flourished and reaped.

I listen to music daily and I would like to share this wonderful masterpiece with you to enjoy.

Hope one day there would be no voices other than music of love and harmony.

چند کلمه از حرفهای ناگفته

September 10, 2019

Persian Interpreter

August 19, 2019

Business Adviser

August 19, 2019

ایران مال

July 2, 2019

Simply Imperfection

April 20, 2019

I would like to share my experience hoping you enjoy as much I enjoyed it.

اهلاً و سهلاً.

February 26, 2018



February 26, 2018

تو نیکی کن و در دجله انداز

تا ایزد دهد در بیابانت باز

December 1, 2017