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Iranian natural disaster

April 4, 2019

I believe in Humanity and hereby I would like to ask for public help to Iranian nation. Now a huge era of Iran is under water. The humanitarian support is highly appreciated. Let’s create a beautiful scene from a natural disaster and show Iranian they are not alone. The catastrophe is at the same time with Iranian Nowruz which means the national festive turn to national monument. The support could be in three stages: first one in short term which they need primarily support which is food water cover and other basic needs. The second one which is midterm one would be the financial support to build house and reaccommodate the people and final stage which is the long term one would be recovering the environmental damage which cause this disaster. Therefore, the restoration from this disaster could be between 2 to 10 years. Now it is the time to rebuilt and protect environment and pay attention to years of negligence in this area. Changing the rural area to urban area and cutting threes and damaging environments which happened for years should stop and reverse. This disaster is a crisis which could be an opportunity as well. When you heart mother nature you should expect the result, which is more painful and destructive than a short-term financial benefit. The way is too long but we need to take steps and begin reasonable action for recovery. This could be a grate warning to stop natural and environment destruction. Hootan Dehbonei


Iran (Persia) Belongs to All of Iranian (Persian)

August 2, 2013

In the Name of God

I would like to draw your attention to history of our religion. Imam Ali and our great prophet are the first people who consider the rule of law and teaching of God in their life. They consider themselves equal with any people in the street.  Exactly they are people who lead by setting high bars and best examples. This means any person who would like to follow their custom is equal with any people in the street in front of law. Therefore king and burglar are equal in front of law.

I would like to explain another story of considering the long term benefit of nation by signing the peace deal in the Ohod fight through our great prophet. There are several instances in that our prophet chooses peace instead of confrontation. Any Moslems knows that Imam Ali the righteous was 99% forgiveness and 1% fight.  

Hence any leader can choose peace instead of war. Our nation does not scare to fight but we are always a peaceful nation and our symbols are peaceful. Selection between destruction of a regional war and peace is a logical choice base on our law, teaching of God and our custom. This is true that there were a scenically relationship between Iran and west however it does not mean that this relationship should last forever.

In our era everything is interconnected and nations have connection with each other. If our world is dependent on usage of electricity nobody say we use American electricity. Everybody respect Edison for his courage and service to humanity. But using this discovery is a necessity not a luxury.

 If anybody abuses one side of the relationship this would show the weak point of that side. You could not shift your responsibility toward your nation and country to other side of this equation. May God bless Iran with peace love and harmony.  

Hootan Dehbonei